Beacons Model Lighting Kits

You can order Beacons Model Lighting kits online via our web shop. Click on the photo below.

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Our first video review

A huge thank you to David Francis, Associate Editor at Scale Aviation Modeller International (at SAM Publications) for posting this review video of our lighting kits on YouTube. Really brings them to life.

IPMS 2013, Telford - WOW! What a weekend!

We owe such a huge thank you to everyone who made the Scale Model World show such a great launch for Beacons Model Lighting Kits. We didn't stop all weekend, talking with so many modellers about the lighting kits.

Launched at Scale Model World 2013 in Telford on 9th November 2013 - Beacons Model Lighting kits have arrived!

What's in the box?

Your Beacons Model Lighting Kit contains a ready-to-install model aircraft lighting system. The circuit includes a pre-programmed micro-processor that, with the use of simple magnet switching, cycles your model aircraft's lights in the correct sequence. The strobes are programmed to flash at an authentic frequency too.

All components are ready-wired, without the need for soldering or crimping (we've done all that for you), and you install the kit during your model build. A few straightforward modifications made as you build - familiar to most intermediate-to-experienced modellers, and simple enough for even the determined beginner - will accommodate the LEDs and allow access into the fuselage to change the power cells.

More news soon on bringing your models to a new level of realism!

An exciting innovation!

Here at Raven Scale Models we have developed a range of kits that allow you to install realistic lighting as you build your plastic model aircraft kits. Beacons Model Lighting Kits were launched at Scale Model World 2013 in Telford on 9th November, and they are on sale in the Raven Scale Models web shop.

If you'd like to know more... please send us an email at or visit the Beacons Model Lighting Facebook page.