Special Offers

Here you'll find out about our offers, including
  • our Modelling Club Order Form, which gives a 10% discount on orders of four or more Beacons Model Lighting Kits
  • our weekly draw for the chance to win your club a free Beacons Model Lighting Kit

Be sure to look out regularly for new offers, including vouchers and coupons.

Modelling Club Order Form

Are you a member of a modelling club? As an encouragement to model-making enthusiasts to spread the word about Beacons Model Lighting Kits, and discuss them at your meetings, we are pleased to offer a 10% discount on Beacons Model Lighting Kits when you group together to place your order.

Tap/click to download and print our UK Modelling Club Order Form, and take it to your model club meeting to complete and return to us. The form will print best if opened in an application such as Adobe Reader, rather than direct from your browser window.

For overseas clubs, (including Ireland) please use the separate Overseas Modelling Club Order Form, which includes different postage charges.

Modelling Club Weekly Draw

We know that lots of model-making enthusiasts love to discuss new discoveries and developments in their hobby. We'd like to encourage you to do just that with Beacons Model Lighting Kits. So, we'd like you to nominate your model club to be entered into our weekly draw, for a chance to win your club a free sample Beacons Model Lighting Kit.

We simply ask that the kit be passed around at your club meeting, so that all the members attending will get to know what we're up to. Once you've all had a look, a read and a play, we'd like you to find some way of choosing who gets to keep it and install it into a new build. Do you hold a raffle at your meetings? Perhaps it would make an interesting prize.

Tell your modelling friends, too, so that more and more model-makers discover our innovation. Even if you don't build static model aircraft yourself, you may know someone, who knows someone who does... Talk about the kits on discussion forums, too, so that members of other clubs will join in.

How to enter

Send an email to us at bml@ravenscalemodels.com, giving the following information:

  • your name
  • your club's name
  • your club secretary or suitable contact name
  • their email address and/or telephone number
  • brief information about your club, e.g. when and where it meets, any particular interests etc
  • a few words about how you found out about Beacons Model Lighting Kits
  • anything else you'd like to say - for example, any websites or social media pages you'd like us to mention on Facebook!

Once we've received your nomination, we'll add your club to the draw list, where it will remain until either it is drawn or you request its removal. Each Saturday we will select a club at random, as long as we have at least five clubs on the list. We'll then contact that club to arrange sending a free sample Beacons Model Lighting Kit with a nice letter and a feedback form. The lucky club will be announced on our Facebook page and website.